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In the dusty, arid region of the West, it rose as a phoenix from the barren ground.  Pioneers were lured into its shelter with promises of new hopes and dreams.  It offered a chance to build a future and become a place to call home.  But since the dawn of time, evil has sought to destroy what good men try to build. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  
 Four Corners was like dozens of other small western towns of the times.  The citizens could not say what made it  special or  why it lasted when so many other towns failed.  Its story spread like a drifting mist, no one was certain if what they heard was truth or myth.  But Four Corners became the place where destiny and fate collided and a  legend was born.                    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO                                                     
Standing fast through the ages of time the town survived and prospered.  It grew and served its citizens well.  It was a place where one might believe in fairy tales and happy endings rich in history and heritage.  A little notoriety helped it endure but it stayed true to the roots and principles that founded it.  Over a hundred years have passed since that time of legend, relegating most of the documents and newspapers to dusty shelves and of interest to very few.  The people prospered and built on the legacy their famous, infamous, or hardy ancestors left them and life was good.  Sadly, nothing Good ever stays and Evil once again reared its ugly head.  Things needed to be put back right again.  As history has a way of repeating itself, it was time for the legend to be reborn in a modern era. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooIt

About the Four Corners Police Department

Four Corners PD is a new alternative universe for the characters of the Magnificent Seven to play in. 

Rating: NC-17, language, sexual content, violence

Warnings: Lots of canon characters and new original ones including a main OFC.  Please be warned that we are making this as real as possible with all the accompanying horrors of what people can and will do to each other and property.  If OFC's are not your forte, please try reading anyway because you might like her.  If not, don't read any further; we're not going to force this down your throat. 
AU: Open  We'd be pleased to post your stories here.

Disclaimer: The following is for fun, no profit is being made.  The Magnificent Seven is owned by MGM, CBS etc. Nina is Heidi's and you should ask her before you try to use or misuse her.  Other characters have been created as the plot dictates, they from our imagination and any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental.

Notes: Four Corners PD, or FCPD, is a development of fiction and is in no way related to any police department at this time.  While many of the stories may be true (the names have been changed to protect the guilty) not all departments are structured or have the same policies etc.  Even terminology can be different and we are blending the North and the South here (oy! What a headache!) and coming up with something for the West <g>.  Heidi and Cin differ on definitions of North – Heidi's from Maryland (south of the Mason-Dixon Line).  Technically, Cin is right about Heidi being from the "North" from her perspective but that's a discussion for a different forum (lol!). Besides Cin is from Texas and that's a whole `nother country anyway.

This piece is from the fertile minds of two dispatchers with a combined 26 years experience between them, add the hubbies' law
enforcement experience and we are pushing 77 (Oh God!) (It may feel that way sometimes but we're not that old <g>) Believe me we have seen, heard or done almost everything, the rest we can definitely make up.  It started with a "what if" and went from there, snowballing into the monster you're about to start reading. 

Police work can be exciting, fulfilling, exasperating, stressful and even boring.  Keep in mind even we can be surprised and when we think we know everything, it's time to quit because we don't.

Many thanks to those who stuck with us throughout the torment of being teased while this is/was being written (you know who you are) and we appreciate your nagging, uh…patience.  Special thanks to Monica, Deb, Deirdre and Adrian who's input or advise on different parts of this project have been invaluable.

Love them or hate them remember the people in law enforcement are human!

And now on to the stories!

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