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In The Beginning - A rookie begins his dream career job and learns quickly that it is a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows from boredom to danger.

         Day One - Thursday:    1-2   3-5   6-7   8-9   10-11   12-13   14-15  

         Day Two - Friday:         1-2  3-4   5-6   7-8   9-10   11-12   13-14   15-16  

         Day Three - Saturday:  1-2   3-4   5-6   7-8   9-10   11-12   13-14    15-16


 Aftermath - Two officers are injured.  Now, the brave men and women of the Four Corners Police Department try to cope with the tragedy and find out what happened. What they find will surprise them. The peaceful town they thought they knew will give up some of its secrets, and the past will repeat itself. Who will survive this time?

Part    1-2    3-4   5-6   7-8   9-10  11-12



Fcpd Stand Alones

Short stories in the FCPD AU for M7.  Most are humorous and if you must ask, yes based on true stories.  Remember names have been changed to protect the guilty.

   The Judge and the Bird


   Thrills and Spills   

   One of Those Days

   Questioning the Manner  

   Ultra Vires  H/C   

    The New Adventures of Crash and Burn 

  What's Your Excuse?



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