fcpd Drabbles

What is a drabble?  It's just a little snippet of a story of approximately 100 words.  The drabbles collected here are the result of the weekly challenge started by Lady A in April of 2003.  The responses appear on several lists, by a variety of authors.  Each week a new challenge is tossed out and responders have a week to answer.  Most of the authors write responses in a variety of AU's.  The drabbles posted here are those that were focused in the FCPD AU.  A link to each author's e-mail has been provided by clicking on the author's name with each snippet.  To see the other challenges or the author's other responses to the various challenges please check out the archive at Lady A's Library:  http://lalibrary.net/m7/index.html

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Challenge issued September 7, 2003 :  Write a drabble about something they use—animate or inanimate—that breaks down. Example: gun won't fire, they have a flat, their horse runs off, computer won't work. Have them dealing with working without it, or getting it fixed, whatever.


By: Heidi

Note: In my job, a workaround is doing making do, working without it, getting it fixed, etc., at least five to ten times a day.

Characters: Ezra, Ace of Spades

"K9-16, copy track for the State, Attempted robbery for the Gas 'N Go.  Interstate at the Hospitality House."

Ezra sighed.  "10-4."

He drove and glanced back at his Labrador partner.  "My friend, I know you've done three tracks and two scans.  We're going home after this one."

Ace ignored him.

When they arrived, he reached inside.

His partner backed away.

Ezra pulled.

Ace resisted.

Tug of war ensued.

The Labrador unwillingly exited and sat down hard.

Ezra pulled on the harness.

Ace refused to move.

He whispered, "No ice cream if you stay there."

Ace hopped up ready to work.