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AU Description:  The Vengeance Legend was born during a conversation between the two authors about creating something new and exciting for the Magnificent Seven fandom.  Cin was hit with a 'what if' question, and she ran with it, giving Heidi the oomph she needed to get the first draft finished.   We take the boys out of their western environment, and hurtle them roughly a hundred years into the past, to the year 1774, at the start of the hostilities for the American Revolution.  The Seven turn into privateers, practically pirates, and sail the coastal waters trying to right injustices. 

NOTE TO ALL READERS:  The authors did significant research into the American Revolution, and we realized that it was not only a war about ideals, beliefs, taxation, and representation, but it was a war of individuals.  Several corrupt individuals, on both sides, capitalized on the state of unrest, and they created problems where there were none.  It is our intent to show the corruption of the individuals and groups that banded together, and not vilify one side or the other.  Just because a person was British did not mean that they believed in the Revolution, and vice versa.  This will not be a pro-colonies piece, nor a pro-British piece, but a PRO-SEVEN piece.       

This AU will be presented in a series of complete stories.  Any historical inaccuracies are the fault of the writers themselves.  Also realize some artistic license may be utilized.

Warnings:  Violence in the form of a battle.  Nothing gory or grotesque, but you will find swashbuckling adventure within!  Oh yeah…Drool cups are optional.  Men on the sea didn't wear much restrictive clothing…

Authors' Notes: 

From Heidi:  Blame this on a rampant imagination.  I wanted to see something different, something new, and Cin kept me going on this.  In fact, I think she got more excited than I did!  Besides, something about this time of history breeds excitement, and hopefully you'll enjoy it with us.  Many thanks to Brate (Hugs!), Monica, Debra M., Row, and Pamela for giving us encouragement.  Especially to Pamela for the lovely, lovely pictures of the Seven.  And Pard, you're still the best!   

From Cin:  Rampant imagination…yeah that's right <g> More like visual stimulation <veg> Heidi told me she had an idea to combine some of my favorite things . . .M7, The American Revolution and Pirates.  Well being the dedicated historian I am I could just imagine this scenario . . . seven gorgeous men, tight breeches, loose flowing shirts with chest half bared, exciting sword fights . . . :: sigh :: I didn't stand a chance I was hooked, I hope you enjoy too.  My thanks, too, to Brate, Monica and Debra for helping us when we called.  And Pamela . . .what can I say about her artistic works. . .very inspiring <g> thanks so much!!  And of course the never-ending source of fic ideas, thanks Heidi for helping me smile!

The Stories


   The Beginning


  The price of piracy 


Stand Alone Stories


    Standing alone H/C  Chris, Vin   2005 Mistresses of Malarkey Nominee for Best Gen Non-ATF AU

    A testing of pride class and past   H/C  Vin


    Beginnings of independence   Chris  (ficlet)


    Captains orders   Chris  (ficlet) 




The LB AU Stories

The following links feature stories with the Vengeance crew in the Little Britches AU which has Vin and JD as young boys.  Thanks to Phyllis for creating such a wonderful intro into this new AU.


    found treasures  -  Phyllis  2006 Mistresses of Malarkey Nominee for Best Kid Gen Fic  


    ask no questions, hear no lies  -  KT



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