What is a drabble?  It's just a little snippet of a story of approximately 100 words.  The drabbles collected here are the result of the weekly challenge started by Lady A in April of 2003.  The responses appear on several lists, by a variety of authors.  Each week a new challenge is tossed out and responders have a week to answer.  Most of the authors write responses in a variety of AU's.  The drabbles posted here are those that were focused in the Vengeance - LB/AU.  A link to each author's e-mail has been provided by each snippet.  To see the other challenges or the author's other responses to the various challenges please check out the archive at Lady A's Library:  http://lalibrary.net/m7/index.html

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Challenge issued May 11, 2003 :  Have one or more of the boys 'assist' a lady in childbirth.

Lullabye - JD


The swells of the ocean under the ship seemed to coincide with the moans of the woman in the bunk.

JD and Vin had snuck on board before the Vengeance left dock and hadn't been discovered until they were asea. Vin was up on deck swabbing it and JD was supposed to be asleep.

Noting the small figure in the corner, Nathan shook his head. These two boys could get into more trouble... "JD," he encouraged, "I need you to help me."

JD's eyes grew wide. "How?" came his awed whisper.

"Take her hand and talk to her," Nathan advised.

Challenge issued June 2, 1003:  One of the guys (or more if you like) is sick and one or more of the others are taking care of him, but not Nathan (too easy).

JD & Vin

By Phyllis

Universe: Little Britches Vengeance AU

The two men stood, arms akimbo, as the two boys trudged toward them. Both of their heads were down as they approached.

"Where have you boys been? Didn't you hear us calling?" the blond man asked harshly.

The men got a good look at the children as their heads came up. Both looked ill and the men frowned. Nathan came around the house.

"Daddy let 'em smoke some corn silk."

Smiling, they picked up the boys, shaking their heads. They knew what to look forward to, having tried smoking at young ages.

Buck found out first as JD threw up.


Challenge issued September 28, 2003 : Have the guys digging a hole. Dig something up, bury something or dig to some place.

JD, Vin, Buck & Chris

By Jeanne

JD sat watching the moon rise. “Come on Vin we gotta go now.”

“JD, this is silly.”

”Ain’t. Come on.”

The two boys scrambled out the window and down to the beach. The full moon making everything bright and easy to see even as late as it was.

“Are you sure this is the place?”

“Aye.” And both boys started digging until a angry voice came from behind them.

“What in God’s name are ye doing?”

Vin looked up and a very angry Chris and Buck.

“Uh, we, well….”

JD butted in. “We’re digging for buried treasure Captain.”


Challenge issued October 6, 2003 :  The boys are having fun with water/liquid – think wet!

Water Sports


Characters: Josiah

Josiah had brought the boys down to the creek to supposedly look for frogs.


So far the boys had been unsuccessful. Wiping his brow in the heat, Josiah decided it was time to cool off. Walking up to the edge of the creek, he looked intently at the water, until both boys were watching him. He quickly put his hands under water, creating a small pocket in which water could gather.


“You got one?”


“Yep,” Josiah replied.


“Show us!”


With a large smile, Josiah squeezed his hands together, shooting a stream of water at Vin, relishing he squeal of delight.





By Phyllis


The boys ran across the field ahead of the two men. The boys laughed as they danced in the tall grass. The men caught up with the boys and they moved into the woods that surrounded Larabee's farm.

The harsh life of running a farm, Larabee, and a tavern, Wilmington, allowed them little time to play with two orphans they had taken in. They had sat aside this day for the boys.

A stream cut through the woods and the boys headed for it. Vin stepped in and, with a twinkle in his eye, splashed water at the horse breeder.




Challenge issued October 13, 2003 :  The boys go home.

There's No Place Like Home


Characters: Chris

Brushing down his horse, he released a heavy sigh. It had been a rough trip, not helped by the fact Buck hadn’t been able to go with them. Though the crew was well-trained and worked well together, Chris knew his own manner frequently alienated people and he relied on Buck to smooth the rough edges.


He was three steps from the porch when the front door exploded open and a small, blurred form launched itself at him crying “Pa!”  Catching the figure, Chris smiled and hugged his son tightly. It was good to be home.




Challenge issued October 20, 2003 :  Use the phrase: ""Why are you being so nice to me?"

Vin & JD

By Phyllis

"Hi, Mr. Jackson's papa. I'm JD and he's Vin," the dark haired boy said as he stood at the steps of the small cabin.

The elder black man stared at the boys before giving them a slow nod of acknowledgment. He had seen the boys around the Travis plantation, but this was the closest they had ever been to the servants quarters.

"Is ya'll lost?"

"We brung ya some lemonade." Vin extended a glass.

"Why you boys being so nice to me?" the man asked.

The dark haired boy stepped forward, smiling. "Mr. 'siah says that older folks is a living storybook. Could you tell us a story?"




Challenge issued November 17, 2003 :  Use the words: "Hey, get your hands off of______."

Buck and JD

By Phyllis


It was a small gasp, nothing that should have been heard over the din of the tavern, but Wilmington's head jerked up. He knew that sound, sure as a mother knew her baby's cry. Glancing around, his eyes found what they sought and they darkened with anger. Throwing down the rag in his hand, he moved toward the unkempt sailor.

"I know you. How'd you get here, boy?" The voice was slurred from ale.

'Hey, mister, get your hands off my son."

Buck gathered a trembling JD into his arms, glaring at the man before walking away.

Bart growled. "Hook."


Challenge issued December 1, 2003 :  Getting ready for Christmas

Buck & JD

By Phyllis

Buck looked at the little boy beside him.  Rascal smiled up as he sat behind the bar.  The man was still adjusting to living with Larabee and the two orphans found on board the pirate ship.

It was less than a month until Christmas.  The weight of that fact set heavy on the tavern owner's shoulders.  When he decided to keep the small boy, he hadn't thought ahead to what was really involved. The boy's smile lessened that weight, that doubt that he was doing right.  Buck had plans to make this Christmas special, beginning with decorations here and at home.



Challenge issued February 16, 2004 :  The boys' plans are ruined by the weather. Not only can’t they go outside, but in more modern universes, they don’t have any electricity either - so what do they do?

Plan B


It had seemed like a good idea at the time…

Their picnic had been washed out by the thunderstorm which continued to rage outside. Buck had come up with the idea of telling ghost-ship stories and Chris had thought it a good idea. Each of them would take their turns telling a tale. Buck had gone first, then JD. Chris had next and now Vin was telling a tale.

As the story headed toward the climax, Vin’s voice lowered to a whisper. Chris felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and drew Vin a little closer.

JD and Obadiah

By Jeanne


The storm raged sending waves far past the sea wall.  A small group of friends huddled by the open fire of the tavern trying to stay warm.


“Tell a story Buck.” Demanded the five year old.


“I’m all out of stories.”


JD looked around in desperation. “Nath’n’s daddy, tell a story?”


Obadiah looked at the expectant boy. “I do recollect my mama tellin’ a story from a fer place. Anansi was a spider....”


Challenge issued March 7, 2004 :  Include the words, "What are you laughing at?"

JD, Josiah and Vin

By Jeanne

Rascal dove into the hay stack pushing hay behind him to cover his entrance.  He held his breath as the soldiers ran past him.  He laughed to himself as he held the bag of dispatches close.  Lying quietly waiting for some one to come as Buck had promised the small boy fell asleep.


He woke suddenly to a cold nose sniffing in his face. The large wet tongue lapping him gleefully.  With a yell he pushed the hound out of the way.  Glancing at Josiah and Vin laughing he asked angrily, “What are you laughing at?” as he wiped the dog slobbers off.

Challenge issued April 5, 2004 :  Give one of the guys a little boo-boo.  Nothing major, just a bump, bruise, scrape, sore, etc.  You can tell what happened, how one of the others help him or didn't help, or the aftermath of the boo-boo.

Vin and Chris

By Jeanne

Vin sat in the wet sand the salt of his tears mixing with the salt spray.  “Please Mr. Chris, please wake up. We gotta move Mr. Chris the tide is coming in.”


The boy tentatively reached out and shook the bleeding and unconscious man. Sniffing Vin wiped his face with his sleeve and again taking handfuls of shirt began to pull as hard as he could. At the movement Larabee woke his hand going to his damaged side.


“Vin?” he called weakly.


“I’s here Mr. Chris help me move ya.”


Chris struggled and began coughing. “Vin, go. Find Buck.”


Challenge issued April 19, 2004 :  Have one of the guys mad at another one, but doesn't tell him. He fumes or vents to someone else. Maybe give both guys side of the story.  BUT don't leave them mad. They have to make up or get other it, something.

Too Small


Chris sighed as he looked at the small, angry brunette. He really wished Buck were here. His friend was much better at playing peacemaker than he was. But he had business in town and the Vengeance needed a shakedown run after her latest repairs, so Chris had brought the boys. Approaching JD, he stood quietly for several minutes before asking, “Would you like to discuss it?”


JD sniffed and looked up at the tall blond man. “I’m mad.”


Biting back a smile, Chris said, “I can see that. Why?”


“Vin said I’s too little to climb to the crow’s nest.”




“Vin,” Chris greeted, as he stepped into the nest. “What brings you up here?”


“Raphael said I could take a watch.”


“And JD?”


“Raphael said he’s too small.”


“Did you tell him or did you let Raphael?”


“I did.”


“How do you think that made JD feel?” Chris asked, watching with a small pang in his heart as Vin’s face fall. “Think maybe you should explain it to him?”


Vin nodded and started heading for the side of the nest to climb down, his heart heavy.


Chris promised himself he would find some way to get Vin back up here.




Approaching JD, he could see his friend’s anger. “I’m sorry JD.”


JD looked up but said nothing.


“ I don’t think you’re too small. Raphael said you were too small – that you’d slip through the rigging.  I won’t go up anymore if you don’t want me to.”


JD was shocked. Vin loved being up high, but he would give it up... It was Raphael who thought he was too small not Vin. Adults. “’S OK.,” JD allowed. “I f’give you. You can go back up.”


“Maybe later,” Vin said, a mischievous smile appearing on his face. “I have an idea.”


Challenge issued January 24, 2005 :  Use the phrase: "I can't believe you did that!" and explain what 'that' is.

Believe It


Characters:  Josiah, Vin


Vin’s eyes widened in amazement as he watched Josiah dust off his clothing and turn to rub his horse’s nose. The young boy’s eyes danced. "I can’t believe you did that!" Vin said in an awed whisper. "That was amazing."

Josiah turned and smiled, pleased that he could still do some tricks. With a deep chuckle, he admitted, "When I was a boy, I had a horse who was, perfect for trick riding."

Looking from Josiah to his horse, Vin asked, "Would you teach me how to mount and dismount and do those tricks?"

"We’ll see," Josiah offered, wondering if Larabee would hang him for offering.