By: Cin 

Disclaimers:  Short story based on the characters of the Magnificent Seven.  Unfortunately they belong to CBS, MGM, Trilogy Entertainment and The Mirisch Corp.  This story is set in the ATF/AU and many thanks to MOG for creating such a wonderful playground.

Warning: This is just a little nonsense fic.  It does have an adult spin on it and not wanting to give too much away, everything is not as it seems. <g>

"JD, I just can't believe that," Nathan stated shaking his head.

Josiah had a similar look of disbelief as he scratched his head.  "It does defy all rules of nature."

"All I know," JD continued, "is I thought Buck was bad, but these two.  There was just no stopping them."

"Good morning, gentlemen," Ezra came up to the small group gathered around the young computer tech's desk.  "By the looks on your faces I believe I may have missed something of great importance."

"Well young John Dunne here has imparted a tale that is quite shocking."

"Yes," Nathan nodded.  "He claims he walked in on some rather odd carnal nocturnal activities here in the office."

Ezra was shocked but kept his poker face in place.  He was not a prude and familiar with a variety of lifestyles that might shock his teammates.  In his role as an undercover agent he had seen a great many things the others might be offended by.  To find out his coworkers might be indulging in one of those alternatives was not as shocking as that they would choose such a public place to participate in those activities.  Especially when such disclosure might be detrimental to their jobs.

Standish turned to the youngest member of their team.  "Well Mr. Dunne, I hope you will not be offended, but I have been mislead by you, Mr. Tanner and Mr. Wilmington, too often in the past to believe anything by declaration alone."

"Oh I have proof Ezra," JD declared.  "I know what you guys are like."

"Pictures!" Nathan exclaimed.  "JD, how did you manage that?"

"I was real quiet.  Had to be they were real skittish and kept stopping like they knew someone was watching."

"Voyeurism is another perversion, son," Josiah remarked.

"Well wait till you see these," JD reached into his desk drawer and pulled out several digital photos. 

Ezra, Nathan and Josiah could only gape as they looked at the evidence in hand.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

The booming greeting by Buck Wilmington caused the other to look up quickly, the shocked surprise evident on their faces.

The three new comers to the office halted their entrance and exchanged nervous glances between them.

"I've got a bad feeling 'bout this," Vin whispered.

The blond leader felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise and he glared at the other four in the room.  "Alright boys, let's have it."

The four exchanged nervous looks.  Ezra poked JD in the ribs prodding him to hand over the incriminating pictures to the dark thundercloud that was their leader.

JD gulped and stepped forward handing the photos to his boss and really wishing he didn't carry that digital camera around with him every where he went.  The others stood behind him and waited for the reactions they knew were coming.



And who did JD see??  Check out the pic below for the answer <g>