I Shed A Tear

I shed a tear
In shock!
The smoke, the fire
The death
All too sudden
So unreal.
I shed a tear
In grief.
For the souls that were lost
The innocence
That will never be regained
So unfair.
I shed a tear
In despair.
To hear my daughter question,
And have no answer
So unbelievable.
I shed a tear
In horror.
Watching so many racing to help
But losing their valiant try
Heroes lost
So much more to bear.
I shed a tear
In pride.
To see friends and strangers
Pull together as one
We will show this is America,
So they will see we are strong.
I shed a tear
In healing?
And offered up a prayer
For help from those that guide us
To learn from tears shed
So they may never be needed again!

By: Cin