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Challenge issued June 23, 2003 : Send one or more of the guys hunting. For... whatever.

A Huntin' We Will Go (::cue Elmer Fudd Laugh:: <g>)

By Monica M.

I'm probably over the 100 word limit, but then I don't do well with rules either. <g> Thanks to Debbie for inspiring this and her very strong encouragement to actually post it.

"How can you say that we're all going 'hunting' when we've not all had practice shots?"

"You're not getting a turn, Standish," Clint retorted.

"J.D. got a turn," Ezra pointed out petulantly.

An irritated growl was the immediate response. "Alright! J.D., go set up the cans."

"You're not gonna give him the gun until I come back, are you?" the freshman asked nervously.

"I'm not going to shoot you, J.D.!"

"Won't shoot any cans either," Chris smirked, now standing safely with the other boys behind Ezra and Clint.

"I'll shoot more cans than y'all will shoot deer," Ezra stated.

"Wanna bet?" Vin teased.